Ikea Made 10 Special 'Love Seats' for This Pride Campaign

Each is based on a different flag

To celebrate the diversity and richness of the LGBTQ+ community, Ikea Canada created 10 one-of-a-kind "Love Seats" decorated in the colors of different Pride flags.

Each seat corresponds to a specific sexual identity, such as asexual, bisexual, lesbian, non-binary, pansexual and transgender. Top designers Charlotte Carbone, Ali Haider, Bianca Daniela Nachtman and Madison Van Rijn crafted the slipcovers.

This project trailer breaks it down:

Developed with creative agency Rethink and timed to Pride Month, the initiative also spotlights 10 LGBTQ+ folks who pose on the loveseats that represent them best.

"The love story that I want to share is my love for community," says Marisa, a nonbinary person, in the interview clip below. "It is when I found community that I really started to feel comfortable and really felt loved."

Next, Jules and partner Michael discuss their relationship in simple yet powerful terms that speak to the universal need for acceptance and connection:

"Any trans person will tell you that dating, establishing connections, relationships—that is one of the most daunting things, because you're never sure if the person is going to accept you, not accept you," Jules says.

Such themes intensify in Brianna's story, with asexuality posing challenges en route to enlightened self-awareness:

"It was important for us to open the aperture on what a love story can be, from romantic love to self-love to community love," says Claudia Mayne, director of brand marketing at Ikea Canada.

The initiative strives to salute "all these different identities in a way that only Ikea could," adds Rethink creative director Joel Holtby. Comfy, cozy loveseats provided an apt, on-brand metaphor, with Pride-flag colors driving home the message, he says.

The loveseats will visit Ikea showrooms for various Pride festivities and appear at LGBTQ+ panels and programs nationwide.

You can watch more "Love Seat" videos below:

Ikea has been a staunch LGBTQ+ community supporter in recent years, displaying its Pride with progress flags, rainbow merchandise, and by generating donations for the cause.

Prideful efforts from Rethink on behalf of advocacy group Emergence Foundation include this plugin that replaced homophobic Twitter speech with rainbow flags, and a Montreal street installation against online hate that stirred up significant controversy.


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