This Instagram Reveals the Other Half of People You Don't See on Zoom Calls

Even Yoda an appearance makes!

Hairy legs. Knobby knees. Toenail painting. Cats taking naps in laps. Putting practice. Yoda, guiding some below-decks levitation.

Such SFWFH stuff lurks in the bottom half of Zoom calls—beneath the webcam's normal view—in videos and images collected by Dubai-based agency Nomads and posted to an Instagram account called "The Bottom Half."

The shop put out a call for submissions. Here are some highlights (lowlights?) so far:

Yeah, Yoda steals it. No Sith Lord will him under there find.

"In the wake of a pandemic that nobody saw coming, life has shifted to a work-from-home culture, where everybody has suddenly found themselves in online video meetings all day, while trying to balance daily life around them," Nomads explains. "[We] decided to start documenting the honest, lighter side of this daily situation."

You can see all the entries at this gallery, and Nomads invites everyone to "Slide into @The.Bottom.Half's DM on Instagram and join the movement. Share a snapshot of your reality and give everyone something to smile at and relate to during these tough times."

Last month, Foster's and adam&eveDDB also played around with the Zoom visual experience, though that effort was decidedly half-baked.

And as for what's really happening below Zoom calls, well, maybe Pornhub should dig into that.

David Gianatasio
David Gianatasio is managing editor at Clio Awards.

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