Foster's Is Selling Half-Things, Which Is All You Really Need for a Zoom Call

adam&eveDDB work raises Covid relief funds

Foster's wants to go halves with you, for a good cause.

During video chats, sometimes you can see only half the stuff in other people's homes. And vice versa. A slice of this, a piece of that, a vague impression of the other in the lower left-hand corner of the screen, etc.

In a nod to such WFH realities, the Australian lager brand and adam&eveDDB created five stylish "half products" for sale on eBay in the U.K.

Here's a spiffy half-clock:

Foster's | Clock

Is it right only once a day?

And as for that half-speaker you always wanted...

Foster's | Speaker

...perhaps the volume only goes up to 5.

In fact, the clock and speaker are purely for show. But this guitar and lamp work just fine:

Perfect for half notes, right?

As for this somewhat-more-than-half a stag's head…

… it just keeps an eye on you, that's all.

Sure, you could saw your own stuff in two. But really, you'd do a half-ass job of it. These items, from renown designer Ben Millar, are like surreal works of art—which is the point, natch. They're guaranteed to brighten up your home-bound half-life. (Well, the lamp will, at any rate.)

No half-pint glass, Foster's? Full or empty, that wouldn't have been half bad!

Print and social ads drive folks to the product auctions on eBay. Proceeds support the Heineken Community Fund. (In the U.K., Heineken holds the license to brew Foster's, a unit of AB InBev.)


Client: Heineken
Brand: Foster's
Project/Campaign name: Foster's Working From Home Range
First Air Date: 26th May
Nic Casby Brand Director
Richard Barnes – Marketing Manager
Max Tweddle – Senior Brand Manager 
Chief Creative Officer: Richard Brim 
Executive Creative Director/s: Ant Nelson & Mike Sutherland
Creative Director/s: Matt Gay, Feargal Ballance, Andre Sallowicz
Copywriter: Feargal Balance
Art director: Matt Gay
Agency producer/s: Nicola Applegate
Managing Partner: Tom White
Account Director/s: Siena Shuttler
Design Agency: King Henry
Head of Design/Designer/Typographer: Alex Fairman
Creative Artworker: Sam Stabler. 
Interactive Designer: Adrian Baker
Motion Designer: Tom Lockwood
Model Maker: Ben Millar
3D Artist: Charlie Townsend

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