3 Artists Bring Creativity to Life for Bombay Sapphire Gin

Using glass, paper and light

Hands sprouting from either end of disembodied arms catch baubles that rain from the sky. That vivid, unexpected image appears near the start of a memorably artsy spot from Bacardi's Bombay Sapphire gin. 

Created by AMV BBDO and the directing collective known as ManvsMachine, the half-minute film serves as the centerpiece of a campaign that features three artists who use the "raw materials" of the Bombay bottle—glass, paper and light—to make their visions come alive. 

Tagged "Discover the Possibilities Within," the work really pours it on to connect Bombay with acts of self-expression. That's the goal of the brand's overarching "Stirring Creativity" platform, through which Bombay has previously worked with local artists on projects worldwide. 

In the spot, a trio of cutting-edge talents—glass sculptor Amber Cowan, paper artist Maud Vantours, and multimedia designer Gmunk—ply their trades, as a voiceover says, "Creativity can take us anywhere. So catch an idea."

Shot in a maze of mirrors to achieve provocative effects, the ad, like much contemporary art, tries a tad too hard, but still looks mighty impressive. There's a high level of sincerity here, as Bombay does support creative endeavors, and plans murals, OOH installations and experiential activations as part of the campaign. Given that context, a splash of pretentiousness only sweetens the mix. (And please, no tired jokes about artists finding inspiration in a bottle.)

"From day one, the brand has always done things differently, working with artists, architects and designers," says Bombay global vp Victoria Morris. Moving ahead, Bombay hopes to "inspire more people than ever to tap into their own creative spirit."
That's a lofty goal—served with twist of hyperbole, perhaps? Regardless, the work follows a compelling trend, with marketers of all sorts leveraging artwork to break from the pack. (Bombay faces stiff competition from Diageo's Tanqueray and others in an increasingly competitive space.) 

A recent film from Deloitte made splendid use of optical illusions, while brands ranging from Epson and Magnum to Audi and Bodyform have commissioned eye-catching murals and installations.


Project: Bombay Sapphire 'Discover the Possibilities Within'
John Burke, Global Chief Marketing Officer of Bacardi & President of Bacardi Global Brands Limited
Victoria Morris, Global Vice President, Brand
Richard Cuthbert, Global Brand Director
Gerard Duran, Global Insight Director
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D(OOH) DOP: Jeremy Valender
PR: Ogilvy

David Gianatasio
David Gianatasio is managing editor at Clio Awards.

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