Ryan Reynolds Ain't No F-ing Pumpkin Spice Fan

Dude throws down for Aviation Gin

Ryan Reynolds loses his shit in fab funny fashion to kick off Aviation Gin's sponsorship of Negroni Week, celebrating the classic Italian cocktail.

"First, take one part each of bitter red liqueur and sweet vermouth and pour over ice," Ryan says in a :90 that drops today, quickly adding: "Take a pumpkin-spice cinnamon stick and shove it right up your a**!"

After that, he gets angry.

Aviation Gin | A Few Thoughts

Of course, pumpkins are low-hanging fruit. Everyone pokes fun at the season or leverages the annoying craze in some way. As usual, however, Ryan's snark cuts right through. He gives a bravura performance.

"What the fu** are we doing people?" he wails at one point, babbling about cumin yogurt as autumn leaves explode across the screen. 

Reynolds returns at the end to "apologize," noting that "pumpkin spice as quite a lot of fans and a powerful political lobby ... help me."

What, no Wrexham plug? You're fu**ing slipping, Reynolds!

Ryan retains an ownership interest in the Diageo gin brand. Agency Maximum Effort, another of his ventures, created the spot, and Oren Brimer directed.

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