Parenting Gets Real in Frida Baby's Poop- and Snot-Smeared Ads

Amy Schumer reads from real product reviews

Which of these parenting chores is more adorable: sucking snot out of a newborn's clogged nostrils, or siphoning gas and feces from an infant's stinky bottom?

Both play into funny-yucky spots from agency World Famous for Frida Baby. Amy Schumer reads the copy, which is based on real reviews of the company's products, such as the NoseFrida SnotSucker...

Frida Baby Presents Real Reviews: NoseFrida Edition

...and its Windi the Gaspasser butt-straw:

Frida Baby Presents Real Reviews: Windi Edition (Short)

What? That :30 featured flatulence, but no poop, as promised in the headline? Well, brace yourself for the extended cut below. It's da shit!

Frida Baby Presents Real Reviews: Windi Edition

"Frida's goal is accurate and authentic depictions of parenthood," company president Eric Hirschhorn tells Muse. "We have a track record for doing so on Frida Mom, where one of the brand's commercials was famously rejected from airing on TV for being too graphic about postpartum recovery."

More recently, Frida made headlines as the first to show lactation on TV in a commercial about the challenges of breastfeeding.

"Honest storytelling is part of the company's DNA, and these commercials from Frida Baby are the latest installment of that philosophy," Hirschhorn says. "The reviews are an unfiltered account of the problems parents face, so the exercise was to bring those real experiences to life in the creative."

Director Quinn Katherman strikes just the right balance, wringing equal measures of humor and empathy from memorably icky product demos. Schumer's voiceover likewise scores with rich, warm, irreverent tones that cast Frida as a compassionate ally.

The commercials will run on YouTube and Hulu.

Of late, several advertisers have used consumer posts and social feedback to inform campaigns. Frida, however, made the first spots to showcase mega-boogers and sharting. Your move, Old Navy!


Client: Frida Baby
Campaign Title: Real Reviews
Agency:  World Famous
Agency Location: Seattle, WA

Partner & Executive Creative Director: Rachel Carlson
Creative Director: Tessa Paneri
Executive Producer: Paul Williamson
Managing Partner: Chris Volckmann
President: Alan Nay

Director: Quinn Katherman
Producer:  Geoff Walker

Editorial Company:  World Famous
Editor: Ryan Lewis
Executive Producer: Paul Williamson

Color/Graphics/Finishing: The Mill
Executive Producer: Blake Nickle
Creative Director: Patrick Coleman
2D Lead: Justin Keil
2D Artist: Luis Artigas
Design Lead: Adrian Novarro
Producer: Mike Trivisonno
Colorist: James Tillet
Color Producer: Evan Bauer
Color Assist: Joni Brandenburg, Rachel Kong
Production Coordinator: Sabah Khan, Brian Corey

Audio:  Sound Lounge
Sound Design/Mix: Peter Holcomb
Producer: Matt Smith

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