Frida Just Launched Postpartum Products With Footage of Its CEO Giving Birth

A very personal pitch from Chelsea Hirschhorn

Female CEOs are taking personal testimonials to a new level.

Last month, Katia Beauchamp starred in a refreshingly frank spot for Birchbox in which she was seen, among other things, using a breast pump. Now, Frida, the company behind Frida Baby, has unveiled a new campaign showing its CEO, Chelsea Hirschhorn, giving birth—to launch a line of Frida Mom postpartum recovery products. 

Check out the two-minute video below, in which Hirschhorn explains how difficult it is for a woman to gather all the products she needs for postpartum recovery, after her doctor sends her packing—and how easy a Frida Mom kit is by comparison. 

"How do I know? I volunteered my own [bleeping] vagina, OK?" the mom of three says amusingly toward the end of the clip. 

Indeed, everything in the Frida Mom kit is fully CEO approved. 

"I tested every single product myself during my third vaginal delivery and recovery to make sure we nailed it," says Hirschhorn. "And we did."

Frida Baby has become known for its candid and honest take on parenthood in videos like this one for its NoseFrida the SnotSucker product. The Frida Mom brand is taking that same irreverent approach, while also seeking to demystifying the realities of the "fourth trimester." 

"The problem with postpartum recovery begins with a woman's lack of knowledge and ability to prepare for what's really about to go down," Hirschhorn says. "The intimidation factor—before, during and after—is debilitating. Then you're expected to tend to a newborn in between concocting ice remedies from the incontinence and burn relief aisles of your local drug store while perched on a wee-wee pad—my exact discharge instructions after I delivered my first child."

Here is the Frida Mom introductory video: 

Frida Mom is launching on and in select Target stores nationwide and will also be available on Amazon and at BuyBuy Baby. 

The complete Frida Mom portfolio includes: 

• An upside-down peri-bottle 
• 2-in-1 instant ice maxi pads 
• Witch hazel pad liners 
• Perineal healing foam (instead of spray) 
• Mesh underwear for both C-section and vaginal deliveries 
• A super soft delivery + nursing gown 
• Two hospital bag essentials kits

Tim Nudd
Tim Nudd was editor in chief of the Clio Awards and editor of Muse by Clio from 2018 to 2023.

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