Old Spice and Arby's Get the Meat Sweats in Absurdist Collab

W+K, Fallon cook up a MEATing of the minds

"I'm on a Horsey Sauce!"

With those words harkening back to his classic Old Spice spots—and "I'm on a horse!" catchphrase—Isaiah Mustafa hacks into an Arby's commercial for a kooky crossover that's all about ... meat sweats, of course.

Dubbed "Ultimeat Dreams," the campaign boasts a :30 that opens like most Arby's ads, with the sultry tones of narrator Ving Rhames extolling the virtues of a sandwich.

"Arby's half-pound roast beef, piled high with..."

Suddenly, a cry of "meat sweats!" interrupts Rhames' spiel as we watch Mustafa, clad in his trademark shower towel, scale a mountainous meal.

Ultimeat Dreams | Old Spice x Arby's

Isaiah explains that "Old Spice Meat Sweat Defense defends against the meat sweats"—slang for the excessive perspiration caused by consuming way too much ... meat. Duh.

An enraged Rhames—and he really does sound like the wrath of God—commands Mustafa to "Get out of this ad!" The latter loses his grip and tumbles, landing atop a packet of Arby's Horsey Sauce.

Developed by Old Spice agency Wieden + Kennedy Portland with input from Arby's shop Fallon, the push features limited-edition Meat Sweat Defense Kits. They're available here for $60, and include roast beef-patterned sweatsuits, towels, sweatbands and other co-branded merch:

Deepfake Dolph Lundgren, from Old Spice's seat-soaked February foray, could use that kit for sure (and some Arby's grub to replenish his electrolytes!).

"From the first moment we connected, we knew how special this partnership could be," Matt Krehbiel, VP at Procter & Gamble's Old Spice, tells Muse. "The challenge, but also the fun part, was figuring out how to bring our products together in a cohesive way that felt authentic to our audiences."

Fortunately, both Old Spice and Arby's revel in "smartly ridiculous humor," Krehbiel says, and their commercial styles meshed well. The resulting work should "appeal to a wide audience from millennials who are more familiar with the Old Spice Guy to Gen Z, who love a good swag drop," he says.

Last week, Mustapha teased the effort by hitting the streets of NYC's Meatpacking District to hand out Old Spice Sweat Defense sprays and Arby's gift cards:

All in all, this is one pop-culturally potent MEATing of the minds. (I used that joke already, but here it is again!)

Mustafa previously reprised his Old Spice Guy persona in 2020 to celebrate the campaign's 10th anniversary. Rhames began voicing Arby's ads eight years ago, elevating its "We Have the Meats" slogan to iconic status.


CLIENT Old Spice ft. Arby’s

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