Isaiah Mustafa Is Now an Embarrassing Dad in Old Spice Campaign's 10th Anniversary

Keith Powers plays his mortified son

"Now back to me."

Ten years after starring in Old Spice's first "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" commercial—inviting female viewers to look at their men, and then back at him—the suave, shirtless Isaiah Mustafa returns for the Procter & Gamble brand in new spots that channel the wacky, wild charm of the originals.

This time around, Mustafa's not on a boat. But he still sports a towel around his waist, and he's brought his son to the party (sort of). 

Keith Powers (What/If, Famous in Love, Straight Outta Compton) plays iconic pitchman's progeny in a pair of new spots that pull out all the stops to provide a funny visual feast and off-the-wall humor. In a fun twist, the kid is embarrassed by Dad's over-the-top antics, which seemed so effortlessly cool to the ladies just a short decade ago. 

Seems the two generations can't agree on which Old Spice deodorants and body washes are best. Naturally, they take to the basketball court and settle their difference over a game of …

Time Out | Old Spice

… horse, of course! That's a cute call-back to the original spot from February 2010. Developed by Wieden + Kennedy and directed by MJZ's Tom Kuntz, it initially caught fire online, though many folks falsely believe it debuted during that year's Super Bowl.

Next, in an homage to a July 2010 Old Spice spot called "Questions," Mustafa logs into his son's workplace—literally:

Office Visit | Old Spice

Yeah, dolphins make everything work out right.

The spots introduce the theme "Smell like you own man, man," with Mustafa going solo in the final installment below, delivering not-so-sexy pickup lines to the product:

Pickup Line | Old Spice

Much as the original campaign explored fresh territory to make an impact (through a heavy internet play and quickly made YouTube response videos), so too will the new work branch out in innovative directions. 

According to Variety, Mustafa and Powers will appear Thursday on ABC's Good Morning America for a live weather segment, while at noon they'll sit in on ESPN's SportsCenter for a live spot with Kenny Mayne. Later, during prime-time, NBC's The Good Place will run a program-specific ad with series star William Jackson Harper, while TNT's NBA coverage and ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live will both include Old Spice segments as well.

Meanwhile, influencers such as Adam W., Jeff Wittek and Spice Adams will post updated versions of the original Mustafa commercial.

"Lining up broadcast, digital and social properties linearly in a 24-hour rotation definitely took some magic," Matt Krehbiel, associate brand director at Old Spice, told Variety. "We are meeting consumers where they are, getting in the mix of their favorite shows in a relatable, organic way."

"We recognize that we have to be immediately impactful, culturally relevant and authentic," he adds.

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