For Nick Cannon, Buffalo Wild Wings Are a Family Affair

Kiss that snarky animated buffalo goodbye

First, he fathered 12 kids. Now, he's replaced a snarky winged buffalo as the spokesman for a national sports-bar/restaurant chain.

Keep up the good work, Nick Cannon!

The always amusing uber-dad bows today in a self-aware :60 from Buffalo Wild Wings. 

Nick's got great energy and comic timing, with much of his spiel strategically bleeped as he explains why having a large family makes him the right guy to talk about saving money on meals.

Buffalo Wild Wings | Nick Cannon

"Sports, friends, fun. As a father of 12, I ain't got time for none of that sh$#!"

Wasn't he supposed to get a vasectomy? Oh, right. That was just an Aviation Gin commercial with Ryan Reynolds.

There's nothing breakthrough here. Just a spot-on performance from a celeb who never takes himself too seriously and knows how to tweak his image for maximum buzz.

Besides, that weird spokes-beast from past commercials felt like challenger-brand stuff. The fertile funnyman's frenetic pitch makes more sense for such a mainstream marketer.

Nema Vand directed through Eva Nosidam Productions. The campaign will break across TV and digital channels.

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