Buffalo Wild Wings' New Mascot? A Snarky Buffalo With Wings

SNL alum Beck Bennett provides the voice

Would casting a buffalo with wings as the sassy spokescreature for Buffalo Wild Wings be too on the nose? Well, yes. But Anomaly did it anyway, through the miracle of CGI, in its first work for the venue tagged "Let's Go Sports Bar."

"And no I don't love Bdubs just because I'm a buffalo with wings," the critter quips in the :30 below. "Frankly, that's offensive and reductionist."

Bdubs is a nickname for the place. Ads teach us so much. Also, the buffalo's name is Hank, and he's voiced in every-bro/snarky style by SNL alum Beck Bennett.

Buffalo Wild Wings | Let's Go Sports Bar

The sight of that wooly bully strutting among the diners is ... Memorable? Brilliant? Stoopid? Oh, it's no fantasyland where everyone has hands for heads, like Anomaly's work for Topgolf. Still, Hank should raise a few smiles.

"When a brief like this comes in it's an easy yes," says Khara Wagner, president of the agency's L.A. office. "Everyone in the building has a memory with the brand. But everyone in the country just spent the last few years enjoying beer, wings and sports at home. The challenge was to bring them back again or bring them in for the first time by showcasing the experience you can only get at Buffalo Wild Wings."

If that includes a brand-boosting bison who heckles games playing on the bar TV, count us in!

"Because of the nature of what was in camera (everything but the buffalo) and what wasn't (the buffalo), we ended up with nearly infinite variations of each scene," recalls Anomaly L.A. CCO and partner Josh Fell. "Dialogue from take 4 could be used on video from take 1 and on and on. So, we leaned into it."

Narrator Beck was on set "so that he and the other actors could find the natural rhythm of the jokes," Fell says. "With Beck's SNL background, he's an endless source of riffs and improv, and knew how to bring that out of others. And man does he commit. His performance in 'Hank Song' is one of my favorite earworms ever."

Buffalo Wild Wings | Hank Song

"It's incredible, the amount of comments you can give (and we did!) when every piece of the actor can be changed at all times" during the editing process, Fell says.

"It was crucial to [animation studio] Untold and to us that we kept it as realistic as possible. Like, he has no top teeth. Did you know buffalo don't have top teeth? But at the same time, Hank had to perform shame and excitement and anger and joy. Untold were amazing and amazingly patient with us as we helped find the line."

"At the end of the day, we have a new best friend in Hank and the foundation for what we know is going to be a long, ridiculous and ridiculously crafted story to tell," he says.


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