More Lovely Print Ads From McDonald's France Cleverly Say They're Open Late

The roaming Golden Arches from TBWA\Paris

TBWA\Paris has practically turned McDonald's advertising into an art form in recent years, with lovely print work that's a joy to look at.

The latest example is a series of four ads that cleverly use the Golden Arches—inserted into the signage of traditional late-night haunts—to tell consumers that McD's is open late for the night owls. 

Click/tap to see the work: 

The ads were shot by photographer Aurélien Chauvaud. 

The campaign follows this evocative work from February, which promoted McDonald's home delivery by showing beautiful, impressionistic shots of a city as seen through a window on a rainy day. 

Over the years, TBWA\Paris has produced other excellent print and OOH work for McDonald's—including ads with no branding at all; minimalist pictograms; a disappearing food campaign; and artsy ads featuring intricate light sculptures.

"It's the agency's biggest client, and we thought it would be healthy if it's also the most creative one," Benjamin Marchal and Faustin Claverie of TBWA\Paris told Muse's Angela Natividad in May. 

Read the whole Q&A with the ECD team here. 


"Open Late"
Client: McDonald's France
Agency: TBWA\Paris
Advertising Managers: Xavier Royaux, José Jacinto, Benoit Kolb, Charles Gourmelon
Agency Managers: Jonathan Serog, Julie Montagné, Marine Letourneur, Alisson Plachier-Juhel
Executive Creative Directors: Benjamin Marchal and Faustin Claverie
Art Directors: Julia Deshayes and Lena Monceau
Art Buyer: Carine Galluffo
Photographer: Aurélien Chauvaud
Studio Image: Magenta 95

Tim Nudd
Tim Nudd was editor in chief of the Clio Awards and editor of Muse by Clio from 2018 to 2023.

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