McDonald's Beautifully Captures Rainy Days in the City in Ads for Home Delivery

More lovely print work from TBWA\Paris

Is there a client/agency pair that makes more consistently wonderful print advertising than McDonald's and TBWA\Paris? 

They've been doing it for years, going back to 2013 at least, when they unveiled ads with almost no branding at all—just extreme close-ups of the product, iconic enough to stand alone. 

Since then, they've rolled out brilliant print work year after year, from the minimalist pictograms to the disappearing food campaign. They've also gotten artsy, most notably with the 2017 ads featuring intricate light sculptures.

The embrace of fine art continues with the latest work, a series of ads for home delivery featuring beautiful, impressionistic shots of a city as seen through a window on a rainy day. Because of course that's the best kind of day to have food delivered. 

The ads were shot by photographer Roberto Badin, who was chosen "for his brilliant work on architecture and still life," according to TBWA. Badin's most recent book explores Japan. His advertising work has mostly been for fashion, jewelry and liquor clients. 

"McDelivery – Rain"
Client: McDonald's
Agency: TBWA\Paris
Advertising Managers: Xavier Royaux, José Jacinto, Benoit Kolb
Agency Managers: Luc Bourgery, Jonathan Serog, Emmanuelle Escalere, Matthieu Charles, Julie Montagné
Executive Creative Directors: Benjamin Marchal & Faustin Claverie 
Copywriter: David Philip
Art Director: Olivier Mularski 
Photographer: Roberto Badin 
Art Buyer: Elise Kubler 

Tim Nudd
Tim Nudd was editor in chief of the Clio Awards and editor of Muse by Clio from 2018 to 2023.

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