Mattress Firm's 'Junk Sleep' Weirdness Returns in Dark, Comedic Ads

Droga5 presents the perils of an overtired world

Mattress Firm depicts staying up all night as a sucker bet in its latest "Unjunk Your Sleep" ads created with Droga5 and MJZ director Steve Ayson.

A disorienting minute-long anthem spot takes places inside a metaphorical Vegas-style casino. Bleary-eyed, P.J.-clad patrons in dire need of Zzzs binge TV episodes and study job-related data on tricked-out slot-machine screens. At the blackjack table, a mewing croupier deals phones instead of cards. They flash cutesy cat pics that typically rob folks of sleep.

A narrator begins, "It's bedtime, America, but you're double-booked. You've got somewhere to be, but it's not under the covers. It's here, in the Land of Junk Sleep. It's a world set up for us to stay up. Where there's always one more deadline to meet. One more episode to watch. One more meme to share."

Mattress Firm | Don't Sleep On Sleep

In the end, Mattress Firm associates arrive to help the weary souls catch a few winks before dawn.

It's all a tad much, stacking the deck with copious confounding visuals. That said, Ayson's surreal, cinematic style is compelling, and in keeping with the feel of his earlier campaign installments. (Alas, tough-guy pitchman Liev Schreiber doesn't return, and his deadpan presence is sorely missed).

"We wanted to tell a larger range of 'Junk Sleep' stories and cater our content to more audiences," Droga5 executive creative director Tara Lawall tells Muse. The anthem "points the spotlight at our always on, digitally-obsessed culture."

Four :30s display a lighter touch, tackling specific sleep-related issues.

"They are just really good insights taken to a hyperbolic or clever place but done with a beautiful darkness that keeps it cohesive with the rest of our 'Junk Sleep' work," Lawall says.

In the best of the bunch, set to run during Major League Baseball telecasts, a somnambulant batter takes days to swing at a pitch:

Mattress Firm | When You Suffer from Junk Sleep, Your Game Does Too

Other scenarios show confused, screamy triplets, a guy with a perpetual crick in his neck, and a slumber-deprived human statue:

Mattress Firm | Seeing Triple? Junk Sleep
Mattress Firm | Don't Let Junk Sleep Give You a Crick in Your Neck
Mattress Firm | A Bad Bed Makes for a Bad Back

The work drops this week across broadcast and digital platforms, timed to the peak summer moving season. During last year's campaign, which also launched in July, Mattress Firm enjoyed double-digit year-over-year sales gains through Labor Day.


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