Liev Schreiber Stars in Droga5's Surreal Ads for Mattress Firm

Campaign bids Americans to 'unjunk' their sleep

Ray Donovan star Liev Schreiber rides a bed around town in Droga5's somnombulantly surreal spots for Mattress Firm that break during coverage of the Tokyo Olympics.

"We've got a problem, America. 'Junk Sleep.' It's what you get from a bed that isn't right for you," Schreiber begins in this 90-second anthem, observing weird nocturnal scenes that bring his spiel to life:

We've got a problem, America. A Junk Sleep problem.

"Keep calling Kevin Keith—Junk Sleep. Left your laptop on the bus—Junk Sleep," he says. "Junk Sleep puts bags under the bags under your eyes. Junk Sleep makes you forget the one thing your boss said not to forget."

The vibe is low-key strange, as director Steve Ayson spins an odd dream, but no nightmare. Schreiber encounters dudes with pillows stuck to their heads, himself (forgetting what the boss said not to forget), and, randomly, a wolf that whispers "Junk Sleep" as it crosses the street.

"Maybe it's time to ask yourself: Did you get out of the wrong side of the bed this morning, or the wrong bed altogether," he concludes, as the line "Unjunk your sleep" flashes on screen.

"The main objective is to help people realize they don't just need sleep—they need good sleep," Droga5 executive creative director Scott Bell tells Muse. "So, we created the enemy of good sleep. Maybe you're getting Junk Sleep because you're sleeping on a worn-out 12-year-old mattress. Or maybe you just bought a mattress online and it turns out not to be a good fit. It doesn't really matter. We just want people aware of the problem."

Filming lasted a week, with each night shoot ending around 5 a.m.

"When it was all said and done, pretty much everyone was suffering from some pretty severe Junk Sleep," Bell recalls. "But hey, we got to drive a bed around downtown LA. That was pretty fun."

Hey, don't nod off, readers! Check out more spots below:

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