Lone Star Beer Made a Bar Sign That Zaps Mosquitoes

4-by-4 feet of neon death from Callen

Zaaaaap! Zaaaaap! Zaaaaaaaaap!

That's the sound of mosquitoes meeting their electrified demise at Texas nightspots this summer thanks to Pabst's Lone Star Beer and creative agency Callen.

The team devised a branded 4-by-4-foot sign promoting Lone Star Seltzer that fries the blood-suckers real good, and it's touring outdoor eating and drinking establishments around the state.

Here's the sizzle reel:

Lone Star mosquito zapper

"Our campaign was about making Texas more refreshing and enjoyable," agency founder and creative lead Craig Allen tells Muse. "We joked that we wished we could get rid of all the mosquitoes. And we all laughed. And then thought, 'Wait a second, maybe we can get rid of SOME of the mosquitoes!' "

"When Callen brought us this idea, we knew it was a match made in heaven, and would keep us on our patios at least two or three seltzers longer," says Lone Star senior brand manager Daniel Crawford, who measures time in alcoholic beverages, apparently.

The sign plugs into a standard outlet, with a top layer of perforated acrylic "to allow mosquitoes in, but keep curious Texas fingers out," Allen says.

Sounds like a fun night out with friends—zaaaaaaaaaap!

There's science behind the appliance—or this graphic, at any rate:

Callen's previous experience with death—well, Liquid Death, the canned-water brand—includes this sustainability campaign to nuisance-mail plastic containers back to soda companies, and a line of mutilated plush toys to raise awareness of ocean pollution.


Daniel Crawford - Senior Brand Manager, Lone Star Beer
Emily Hoyle - Brand Director, Lone Star Beer

Agency - Callen
CCO - Craig Allen
Sr. Writer - Kyle Davis
Sr. Art Director - Matt Nall
Producer - Mary Ellen Farrar
Director - Nick Simonite
Editor - James Kracht

Sign Developer - Pink Sparrow
Producer - Harrison Watkins

VFX - Kevin.
Lead Artist - Tim Davies
EP- Sue Troyan
Producer - Jami Schakel

Sound Design and Mix - TBD Post
Mixer - Brad Engleking
EP - Karen Jacobs

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