Linda Blair Brings an Exorcist Vibe to Mint Mobile's Halloween Ad

No spinning heads, but plenty of puke

Mint Mobile's Halloween spot from agency Maximum Effort is vomitous fare—just as its creators intended. The work stars horror icon Linda Blair, who turned heads and spewed pea soup all over a priest nearly 50 years ago in The Exorcist.  

While Blair doesn't upchuck for Mint—more's the pity!—viewers can savor some prodigious regurgitation near the end:

Linda Blair for Mint Mobile

You'll note that her neighbor's bill from a Mint rival starts with "$666." Guess he missed this commercial from 2021, where we learned about Big Wireless' satanic leanings.

Here, Blair also plugs her rescue dog foundation, which is cool, if a tad incongruous, in an otherwise diverting nod to pukey pop culture. Someone should barf on Mint co-owner Ryan Reynolds in an ad someday. That would be a treat!

Next, in the spirit of the holiday, and to kill some extra white space, we've got mid-'80s Linda spoofing her scream queen status in a thing called The Heckling:

And here's pre-Exorcist Blair in a doll ad that plays like a creepy parody, even though it's not:

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