Jason Momoa and Zooey Deschanel Really Want You to Stop Using Plastic Bottles

There's a pop-up plastic museum, too

Quit slurping from single-use plastic water bottles and start respecting the environment, people! Or else, Jason Momoa will knock those exceedingly long-lived containers out of your planet-polluting hands.

The Aquaman and Game of Thrones star does just that to some dudes on the street in an amusing sequence from the "Plastic Service Announcement" below. Produced by Adrian Grenier's advocacy group Lonely Whale, the Point Break Foundation and creative shop Young Hero, the two-minute video features the Entourage alum and other celebs including Momoa, Aidan Gallagher, Holly Frazier and Nia Sioux. 

Zooey Deschanel appears in the clip's opening infomercial send-up. Wearing outsized shades and striding around a weird minimalist set, she asks, "Do you love the taste of eternity? Then you'll love these plastic water bottles," and promises, "When you're dead, when your children are dead, they'll still be around."

Themed "Question How You Hydrate," the campaign launches for World Oceans Week and follows Lonely Whale's #StopSucking initiative that targeted plastic straws. Now, the organization takes aim at plastic bottles. Some 500 billion of them are used globally every year, and only 9 percent of all plastic ever produced has been recycled. Such materials have become potent planetary pollutants. By some accounts, the world's oceans are expected to contain more plastic than fish by 2050. 

Armed with the hashtag #HydrateLike ("Hydrate like a future with clean seas depends on it," Gallagher says in the clip), the campaign seeks to raise awareness and remind folks about plastic alternatives such as reusable bottles, cups and aluminum cans. 

"'Question How You Hydrate' targets mothers, travelers, athletes, activists and more," says Lonely Whale strategic partnership director Emma Riley. "We are hoping to reach a generation of mothers that not only influence their peers, each claiming to have on average over 20 close friends, but their partners—more diverse in nature than before—and their children, raising the next generation to reach for an alternative to the single-use plastic water bottle."

In addition, an interactive Museum of Plastic will pop up from June 8-12 at 473 Broadway in New York. Attendees will learn about the harm plastic bottles wreak on the environment, and "a brief stop in the plastic-free Coral Room resets their experience, revealing what the ocean will look like when it is free from plastic pollution," Riley says. "They'll pass through The Alternatives, a space to explore better and more sustainable ways to hydrate through installations curated by creative agency Young Hero and their artist network," which includes photographers Paul Nicklen and Cristina Mittermeier and filmmaker Shawn Heinrichs.

In conjunction with the Lonely Whale campaign, beverage brand Vita Coco, which recently made those amusing ads with the internet's most negative people, just launched Ever & Ever, an aluminum canned water it developed with agency Interesting Development. It is available for purchase at drinkeverandever.com, Amazon and Walmart.com, and will soon be available at retail stores nationally.

Ever & Ever is also a sponsor of the Museum of Plastic. Other partners include media company ATTN:, HP and S'well.

Once the museum closes, folks who need a refresher course will still have 449 years left to check out this WWF lifestream and watch a plastic bottle decompose. 

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