Can You Handle These European Versions of Pringles' Silly Super Bowl Ads?

Chips off the old block

Pringles' hands-stuck-in-cans concept from the Super Bowl heads into overtime, with Grey London and director Ulf Johansson putting a fresh spin on the gag for European markets.

The joke's so simple, there's little chance of it getting lost in translation. Served up with a Euro twist, the self-consciously silly humor still hits. Much like a party host chipping away at a block of ice with her fist trapped inside a bright red Pringles container.

Pringles | Can Hands 1
Pringles | Can Hands 2

Looks like fun. Why do anything at all without at least one limb crammed inside snack packaging?

"Getting your hand stuck in a Pringles can = bad," says David Wigglesworth, executive creative director at Grey. "Getting your hand stuck in a Pringles can and using that newly acquired appendage to become the hostess with the mostest arm at an Apéro [French aperitif party], or finding an in with the too-cool-for-school kids at a German house party? That my friends = good!"

Not quite as good, perhaps, as the Pringles prog-rock hamster. That dude makes every gosh darn day a party! Still, this new stuff feels diverting and foolish enough to please.

"Can Hands continues to demonstrate that Pringles is an irresistible snack for any occasion," says European marketing director Stéphanie Thys. "Pringles is a playful brand and that’s something we wanted to convey in this campaign."

Johansson, directing through Smith & Jones, adds another humorous hit to his impressive portfolio. Other funny stuff from Ulf includes Halo Top's ice-creamy ode to self-care, Wagamama's violently vegan dinosaur, and Ibotta's raucous romp with cash and coins flying in every direction.

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