Cash, Coins and Zingers Furiously Fly as Ibotta Returns for More

Merry money mayhem from Callen

Some folks just can't get enough cash back for everyday purchases. Especially when it's spraying like green/sparkly geysers into their smiley faces from household goods and everyday items bought through Ibotta, an app that provides rebates. 

Callen and director Ulf Johansson reprise last year's loopy campaign with a fresh round of spots dropping nationwide this week. The mom character from 2022 returns, once more portrayed by Katie Northlich, whose unflappable performance really shines. We see her at home and at work (as a couples therapist), buffeted by ludicrous quantities of banknotes and loose change.

Though all three clips entertain, the counseling session yields the biggest comic payoff.

WOMAN: I just wish he was more like Ibotta.

THERAPIST: It is nice. Ibotta gives us cash back on everything we buy...

WOMAN: ...asking nothing in return.

MAN: Sorry! I'm not a user-friendly app that can just give and give... I have needs and feelings!

"Everyone loves getting cash back, that's an easy story to tell," says Callen managing director David Hughes. "But as a business, helping consumers hack inflation—that's a great position to be in."

As we noted in covering the campaign's first round, there's a classic Skittles/Old Spice vibe at play. That's understandable, as agency CCO Craig Allen had a hand in crafting both, while Johansson lensed Skittles' initial absurdist foray, a stylistic trendsetter, nearly 20 years ago.

Ibotta's effort is equally funny and frenetic. Its humor and energy expertly serve the brand message, vividly illustrating exactly what the app delivers in no uncertain terms.

"The books, the milk carton, the radio, coffee creamer—everything that spews money in spots was a practical rig that we custom built to shoot actual money," says Callen copywriter Kyle Davis. "Was it an absolute mess? Yes. Did it lead to possible coin inhalation? Yes. Did crew members take coins to the eyeball? Occasionally. Did a crew of fifteen have to use old dusty brooms to sweep up billions of coins after each take? 100%. Could you say they were very impractical, practical effects? Sure, you could."


Client - Ibotta
Chief Marketing Officer: Rich Donahue
Director of Production: Matt Andersen
Creative Director: Christopher Webster
Senior Art Director: Kevin Gish

Agency - CALLEN
Chief Creative Officer: Craig Allen
Managing Director: David Hughes 
Head of Strategy : Julianna Simon 
Head of Production: Amy Kommatas
Art Director: Matt Nall
Copywriter: Kyle Davis
Account Supervisor: Payton Brown 
Account Coordinator: Anna Campbell

Production Company - Smith & Jones Films Ltd
Director: Ulf Johansson
Director of Photography: Andrzej Sekula
Executive Producer: Philippa Smith
Production Designer: Steve Smithwick

Editorial - HutchCo Technologies, Inc
Editor: Jim Hutchins
Executive Producer: Jane Hutchins
Assistant Editor: Gino Renzulli

VFX / Finishing - Kevin
Executive Creative Director/ Partner: Tim Davies
Senior Executive Producer/ Partner: Sue Troyan
VFX Lead: Gareth Parr
VFX Producer: Andrew Cowderoy
On-Set VFX Supervisor: Pete Smith
Dag Ivarsoy
Robert Murdock
Leif Peterson
Rob Winfield
Susanne Scharping

Music Company - Duotone Audio Group
Creative Director/Founder: Peter Nashel
Executive Producer: Ross Hopman
Head of Music Strategy: David Leinheardt
Producer: Gio Lobato

Audio Post Production - Duotone Audio Post
Sound Designer/Mixer: Andy Green
Executive Producer, Audio Post: Greg Tiefenbrun

Color - Trafik
Colorist: Daniel de Vue
Color Assistant: Sam Ziaie
EP: Meghan Lang Bice
Producer: Samantha Cesan

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