Can Bosch Power Tools Save DIYers From an Ornery Bear?

We find out in ads voiced by Nick Offerman

When a CGI bear attacks, Bosch Power Tools will help you escape unscathed.

A DIY dude at a secluded cabin learns that lesson in the silly spot below, one of several ads breaking today from agency Bailey Lauerman and voiced by actor and master craftsman Nick Offerman.

Bosch X-LOCK | What Hard Workers Deserve

Maybe that ursine intruder just wanted to talk dirty about climate change or catch some premium TV. It's probably best not to hang around and find out.

Tagged "What Hard Workers Deserve" and launched ahead of Labor Day, other installments visit a wrestling ring and a skyscraper under construction:  

Bosch 2-IN-1 | What Hard Workers Deserve
Bosch Hammer Drills | What Hard Workers Deserve

Those spots are fine. But that grizzly's grrrroovy, and the hirsute brute returns from hibernation in this :30 combining several storylines:

Bosch Tools (:30) | What Hard Workers Deserve

"We are aiming to reach workers across trades, whether they are just starting their careers, or are experienced professionals," Bosch VP, brand marketing and digital Shannon Blakely tells Muse. "We are showcasing the work that happens in an extreme way to highlight the lengths these workers go to get the job done."

"It was an ambitious shoot," she adds. "We built ourselves a small skyscraper, filmed with real wrestlers, and brought in an animatronic bear (as a model for the computer animation). But the center point was always our worker and how he was the hero of the scenario."

Biscuit Filmworks director Clay Weiner doesn't overreach on the funny. Even the burly bruin proves more entertaining than distracting—and Offerman's smooth tones deliver the brand message with confident flair.

"Nick has been a passionate Bosch Power Tools user for over two decades in his woodworking projects," says Blakely. "We were drawn to his personality and his wit. We thought he would be a great, distinctive voice for the work."


Bailey Lauerman, AOR
Chief Executive Officer - Greg Andersen
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Copywriter / Associate Creative Director - Joey Googe
Art Director / Creative Director - David Thornhill
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Editor: Marc Stone/Camp Lucky
Music: Fresh Squeezed
Sound Design: Scottie Richardson, Camp Lucky
Mix: Camp Lucky, Spacewalk Studios, Chris Mars Publishing
Post Production EP for Camp Lucky - Jessica Berry

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