Why We Built a Real British Pub Inside Our NYC Offices

A special place for client and staff meetings at Ceros

Creativity matters in the products we build, and that belief extends throughout the environment in which our team works every day. We built this office space to encourage everyone to communicate with one another throughout the day and inspire new creative ideas. 

Our core product, the Ceros Studio, is a carefully crafted blend of art and science. This isn't just lip service; our meeting rooms are themed as a reflection of that idea with spaces like the Art Room, Science Room and eclectic '60s Lounge.

Art Room

Science Room

'60s Lounge

We also have a Secret Room, hidden behind a sliding bookshelf.

Secret Room

We believe these unique spaces create an environment the team loves working in and also helps to model the type of creativity and attention to detail we expect in their work. 

One of the most popular features in our office is the pub: The Imperial Rhino. A social gathering space, we use the pub for companywide meetings or events. Employees also spend time connecting with each other at the pub, or meeting for impromptu conversations that help move projects forward in a more open environment. It's one of the most versatile spaces in the office, and clients love coming in to grab a pint, attend events and feel like a part of the Ceros family. 

The Imperial Rhino

Ceros' mission is to inspire, educate and empower marketers and designers to create better digital content experiences. That ideal carries over to our internal culture and informs how we inspire, educate and empower our employees to think creatively in how they solve problems for our customers. We take pride in the craftsmanship that went into our office, and our employees recognize that passion every single day which is an immensely rewarding feeling. 

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