Inside MRM Group Creative Director Ly Nguyen's Home Office

Renovating a space for daily reflection and inspiration

I'm a VP, group creative director at MRM West and I work fully remote. I recently had the opportunity to renovate my home, so when it came to my office, it was a no-brainer that my space had to be thoughtful, comfortable and zen.

My furniture is minimal, but textures, tones and shapes are key because I love simplicity with dimension. Organic modern—an environment that makes me feel peaceful yet focused. My house is also located in a semi-rural community, so I chose a palette that was neutral but also inspired by the nature around it.

The objects I surround myself with are intentional. They're sentimental artifacts of family and friends, past experiences, and reminders that keep me humble.

On my wall you'll find vintage Vietnamese lacquer and pearl paintings that depict the four seasons—similar to a set my grandma has in her home. Next to those is my daughter's first painting from her art class that she calls "The Universe." And below that is a letter written by my 9-year-old self that my mom kept and was only given to me after she passed. It's a representation of four generations on a wall. To the right of the picture frames is a ceramic hook made by SIN, a college friend's home-goods company.

My desk itself is plain. Just a monitor, computer and some crystals from my husband. On the corner is a wooden bowl picked up from a local woodworker/collector. We love her unique pieces, so there are a few others we have scattered throughout our home.

On my bookcase is a plethora of things: pottery and rugs picked up from travels to Monument Valley and thrift shops, books from previous mentors and college projects that rekindle memories, a plant from my husband's milestone birthday party. Mostly things I can't part with because they hold a piece of me.

In the corner of my office is a comfortable lounge chair where I take breaks in between meetings. Next to it is a table that has an incense holder from Namu Home Goods, a high school friend's Korean woodwork company. My husband is Korean, so I wanted to represent a bit of his culture in here as well.

As a creative, I've always found inspiration and drive through connecting with my culture and through relationships with those around me. I've grown to learn that being reminded of those things daily allows personal reflection that keeps me honest and grounded.

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