Why Reach Agency Ditched Its Office for a Venice Beach Clubhouse

A move for the future, with a nod to the past

Photos courtesy Reach Agency

If there's one pandemic-induced silver lining for us at Reach Agency, it's that we relocated our humble Santa Monica office to an epic townhouse in Venice Beach that we've come to call home.

In 2020, we were faced with a long-term office lease renewal in the height of the pandemic, and we had no choice but to shut down shop at our traditional Santa Monica space. So we packed our things, said goodbye to neighbors like Red Bull, Goop and the very-delicious Australian cafe next door. We headed home to create WFH environments in our living rooms and kitchen tables for the foreseeable future.

For us, that foreseeable future lasted until the summer of 2021, when we felt it was time to come back together. As much as we loved the hominess and comfort of our former office—complete with a movie projector, tiny conference rooms that we were quickly outgrowing, and a doorbell that seemed to set the dogs off every 20 minutes—we knew it was time to create a new kind of space.

In a world that had drastically changed almost overnight, we began to rethink the way we work and what was best for our employees. We're an agency specializing in video storytelling and influencer marketing, so a space that fosters creativity and collaboration was key. Since we are far from a traditional company, we didn't want a traditional office space—no desks, no assigned seating, no stuffy structure or unflattering fluorescent lighting. We didn't want to require anyone to come back to the office; we wanted to create a space that our team wanted to return to—so much so that they were willing to sacrifice mid-day laundry and maybe not wearing pants. We wanted to provide a work-at-home environment that gave our team the option to finally not work at home. A place that felt safe and welcoming, allowed for freedom and flexibility, and most of all inspired people to meet up, gather together, and enjoy their work. 

Ultimately, our vision was to create a clubhouse for our team, partners and community. And that's exactly how we see the space today: a place to gather and come together—for both work and play.

Venice is no stranger to creatives and innovators. It's where businesses like Google and esteemed creators reside. So it's no surprise that Silicon Beach is where Reach Agency now calls home. Our agency got its start at a Venice co-working spot a decade ago. Venice is where we started; the move to Abbot Kinney was a return to our roots. 

The two-story living space is as stunning on the inside as it is unassuming on the outside.

With its open layout, glass walls and intentionally designed spaces for people to casually sit and collaborate, it's the perfect place to brainstorm with the team, co-work with a partner, or meet with a client. The space's layout is versatile enough for employees to succeed in inspiring settings that foster discussion while providing a place to work on their individual tasks as well. It's also got beautiful modern finishes and abundant natural light; it's the perfect place for a branded content shoot (...or agency TikToks). 

With an unbeatable location, a somewhat hidden oasis right in the middle of the Abbot Kinney action, it's the perfect place to meet up with co-workers for a takeaway lunch, take a walking meeting to grab a coffee nearby, or enjoy a cocktail outside before heading to dinner.

Our clubhouse boasts a full kitchen, private central courtyard (firepit included), and large rooftop deck. It's a jaw-droppingly beautiful place to host parties and agency programming (like our monthly Cookbook Club), or even put on community events that don't involve the agency. We even offer the space to clients and partners to truly cement the townhouse as a community space.

House plants and sunlight abounding, it feels like just the right spot to keep growing. It's become the gathering place we hoped it would be—and ironically, it's brought Reach into the future while reminding us of our humble beginnings.

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