Inside the Themed Rooms of SocialCode's NYC Offices

A series of spaces that tell stories

SocialCode is a full-service digital marketing agency with a healthy obsession for driving performance. It's our single-minded purpose. It's our never-ending pursuit. Days are filled with back-to-back meetings and creative brainstorms with clients and teams. As we have grown from a team of three people to over 300, we needed a workspace that's as unique, productive, creative and, yes, as social as our team. SocialCode was the first-ever Facebook Ads API partner 10 years ago, and we've been at the forefront of digital and social media marketing ever since. 

Our New York City workspace is designed to reflect the innovation, productivity, and people at the center of our people-driven marketing. So every room of our New York office showcases this personality and diversity with a unique theme. From superhero-inspired decor, to Polaroid "selfies" by the team, to throwbacks of legendary ad campaigns, our space inspires each day's ins and outs. With a culture of empowering each other and embracing our differences, each corner of space is as varied as our clients. Welcome to our colorful 9th-floor space in the heart of Chelsea, where each room has a story of its own. 

Throwback Thursday (#TBT)

Our "TBT" room showcases a wallpaper collage of famous ads that brands have created over the years. Among these are SocialCode clients past and present including Budweiser, Purina, Heineken and more. This playful design fosters an environment of creativity while reminding us how much progress the advertising industry has made over the last 40 years, and the impact we're going to make over the next 40.


This room takes a modern trend and puts a personal spin on it. Our "Selfie" room showcases Polaroid pictures of SocialCode co-workers partaking in special events outside the office, such as happy hours, workout classes and volunteer events. We see co-workers as family at SocialCode, and spending time with one another outside of the office helps build the close-knit teams we're so proud to be a part of. 

Optimize the Boom

Our superhero room, coined "Optimize the Boom," is a popular spot decorated with pictures of famous DC and Marvel characters. In the center is a large clear table that houses superhero action figures. This room is a whimsical area that emphasizes the importance of rising up to the occasion for whatever task or job is ahead of you. What's more empowering than that? 


Our "Props" room gets its name from the submissions of our peers at our end-of-month in-office get together called "What's on Your Mind." During this time, SocialCode employees will write "props," or words of encouragement, about their managers and peers, aligning with the ideas of empowering each other and embracing our differences. Some people write funny inside jokes or call out team members who have done an amazing job, and the pieces of paper are then hung on the wall of this conference space. Props is another space that comes to life directly because of the commitment to build a community at work.

The Library

Traditionally, a library is a place to acquire and share knowledge. This conference room is no different, and it just so happens to be my favorite room in the NYC office. Mahogany panels, overstuffed leather chairs, a wall of books and a flat-panel TV bring the ambiance of a private library to this cozy space. While it's the perfect spot for a one-on-one meeting, I often find myself here with a few others for a brainstorm session. It's a perfect reminder that at SocialCode we don't just apply knowledge. We create it. 
At SocialCode, every space we create is crafted with intent—from "superheroes" that remind us of our potential to "props" that celebrate the people who make SocialCode an incredible place to work. We aim to foster an environment that is conducive to what we do best—drive better performance. 

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