Inside Pitch's New Offices in L.A.

A home away from home for staff and clients

Pitch recently had a dream opportunity—building a brand-new office space for our agency from the ground up. While custom construction always comes with unpredictable challenges (unreachable toilet paper holders caused a temporary fire drill!), the opportunity we had to create each unique space to our liking was unparalleled. 

We knew what our agency needed to excel. We thrive in a wide-open workspace dedicated to collaboration with private break-out spots that lend themselves to brainstorming and imagining new corners of culture. Beautiful clean white walls that could look forward to a future of being covered with strong strategies and breakthrough creative. And, of course, an entire wing for our full-scale production studios that give us all the tools to bring our ideas to life. 

The future is bright in our sunny SoCal office.

Here's a little peek into those spaces and how they help to cultivate our creativity on a daily basis. 

Living Room

Our living room is the place where we meet and greet with clients in a space where we are all as comfortable as we would be in our own homes. The gallery wall was inspired by our agency spirit—fresh and growing—a mood we wanted to echo throughout the agency. 


Our welcome area is right in the middle of all the action. Nestled near our California live oak tree sculpture that has been with us since the inception of our agency, our guests get an immediate idea of who we are and how we work—rolled-up sleeves and good vibes. 

Outdoor Patio

Lucky for us, the sun is shining in L.A. more often than not—so our outdoor space is a perfect area to kick back, relax, play Ping Pong and maybe throw something on the barbecue. We've even leveraged it for our clients to take advantage of—for everything from shoots to events.


Sound & Story studios is our full-scale production studio with four premiere edit suites, motion graphics, VFX and a VO booth with a sound edit suite. Our content lab shoots rapid content in-house, including video and photography, enabling us to service a range of client needs quickly and effectively. Having these resources helps us all be stronger—sometimes our creatives have a cool idea and we pull in our team to gauge feasibility, and as a result we are empowered to try new and different things. 

Pitch has a really unique business model—end-to-end solutions for our clients through strategic thought leadership and a hard-working production studio that delivers on our mission, "Return on Creativity." We believe every brand has a unique sound and story, and we're here to find their Pitch and share it with the world.

Executive Offices

We knew our executive office spaces needed to be unique. While they are separate spaces, they are made almost entirely out of glass, allowing for the look and feel of the open floor plan to continue throughout. This philosophy extends to the way we run the agency—"You create the weather." We know we have the responsibility of the agency on our shoulders, creating an atmosphere that extends to the rest of the agency. 

Our office is an extension of our homes for our employees and clients. It's a well-known secret that we spend more time at work than at home—a good third of our lives. It's with that in mind that we built Pitch's new office as a foundation for cultivating curiosity and creativity on a daily basis. 

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Marisstella Marinkovic and Sara Bamossy
Marisstella Marinkovic and Sara Bamossy are co-CEOs of Pitch.

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