Inside the Offices of L.A. Production Company Keeper

A haven for stories (and mezcal) in the L.A. Arts District

Keeper is a production company dwelling at the heart of the eclectic and thriving downtown Los Angeles Arts District. Founded by a team of passionate storytellers, it is no surprise that there is a story behind everything you see from the moment you walk up. Located in the historic Binford Lofts Building (built in 1906), visitors might find the brick-splashed infrastructure and electric blue doors familiar, as if they've seen it before? That's because it is the hallmark of Fox's hit TV sitcom New Girl. The open, warehouse-style architecture and cityscape views from the TV series are the visuals we enjoy every day ... minus Zooey Deschanel and friends, of course. 

The creative office fully encompasses the vibrant cultural spirit flowing throughout the arts district. Upon taking a freight elevator up a couple of floors and stepping inside, a zen-like essence from tranquil scents like lavender or eucalyptus floats through the air, and greenery weaves into the walls and furniture. From succulents to vines, our team prides itself on cultivating a pseudo-greenhouse with plants gifted to us from directors and friends. Many plants have a fun story surrounding their origins; we often exercise our green thumb between meetings and pitches to tend to their growth. 

Full disclosure: The plants may not be the first thing visitors notice when they enter the space. Their eyes will most likely catch the full-sized stuffed bear—and no, it's not a teddy bear. The story behind the bear goes way back to one of the founders, Terry Rayment, and his roots in Flint, Michigan. His father was a small-business owner, and at times, when customers couldn't pay with cash, they would exchange services for products or other offerings. In one special case, it was taxidermy. Fast forward some years, and that (very large) ode to the art of commerce has made its way from Flint to the east side of Los Angeles.  

We try to foster creativity, collaboration and peacefulness in every crevice of our space. The result has been a studio that blurs the lines between living and working. It's not unusual that friends and artists come by to hang out, get some work done, or keep our mascots (Mya and Sadie) company. We like to think of our office as artist, friend and dog friendly. 

Behold our happy corner! We like to share our passion with our clients and open the doors to our office culture. This helps provide true insight into who we are and the many crafts that drive us. We are big fans of mezcal and are in the midst of launching our own premium mezcal brand, ¡Adelante! When agency clients or production partners come in, we invite them in for a mezcal tasting and give them the opportunity to learn about the craft, clarify their thoughts, or blow them away. Some of the best creative ideas stem from this process.

This poster is one of our favorite pieces because it is our company motto: "Will work for work." We love what we do, our intentions are clear, and we want to continue doing it forever. 

The motorcycle is a staple for creatives and almost like a right of passage. It is a representation of who we are and the ride that keeps us going. 

Being one of the early production companies to call the L.A. Arts District home, we have seen this area evolve into an artistic hub for production and post studios. There is truly a creative spirit in the air, and we're very proud to have planted roots here. You can turn any corner and be fueled and inspired by the array of artworks and professional peers that surround us. 

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Oliver Fuselier
Oliver Fuselier is managing director/partner at Keeper.

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