Inside the Offices of FF Los Angeles

Colorful vibes, and neighbors, in Boyle Heights

When we wanted to open our office in Los Angeles, we thought long and hard about where we wanted to be. It's always quite a conversation, given the sprawl of L.A. After a comprehensive search, driving endlessly around and getting to know the nuances of the city, we decided on Boyle Heights. The rationale was simple: The talent we want to hire increasingly lives on the east side, and we like the energy that is happening here, in addition to the creative-driven revitalization of downtown L.A. This place has always been a city of dreamers, but even more so, a lot of dreaming and creation is happening as the center of gravity moves eastward. 

With all of our offices, we like the location to be a statement of intent. For example, we chose the 9th Arrondissement in Paris when no one wanted to be there, and it has since grown into a very vital creative hub with lots of exciting businesses. The same goes for FF Shanghai when we decided to set up the agency in the Hongkou District as well as the Garment District for our New York office. We sense the same energy with the Los Angeles space and can see the same progression happening day by day, minute by minute.

When we first saw the new FF Los Angeles space, we were drawn to the light and the energy it contained. It was full of potential. There are a lot of industrial warehouse spaces around, but the way the light moves across the floor during the day is beautiful and spiritual, thanks to the colors surrounding the upper perimeter of the area (the developer commissioned artist Emily Mast). We also like the way the kitchen is framed with beautiful trees, and the lines and proportions throughout. As we grow the team, we will selectively add pieces of design and furniture as we go, but never overwhelm the flow and energy. It is essential that the way we build is intentional and thoughtful, and that we grow organically. For example, we keep the computers at a minimum and prefer to use laptops and tablets instead.

We're also inspired by our "Bridge Corner" (the name of the building) neighbors, from the next-door agency working on grassroots social issues to a company trying to solve the complicated problems of transport and how we move around cities, to even a craft-centric hi-fi company. Everyone is building with vision and intent. As we continue to develop a series of creative communities around the world, it is also wonderful that we have a thoughtful and diverse population in the building and the neighborhood. 

The reception to the space has been fantastic, and our clients see it as a place where they want to spend time, collaborate and build with us. We're also inviting our collaborators to join us in the space, and look forward to growing our L.A. network of talented artists, musicians, designers and more. We have a space to dream and create, and all are welcome.

Fred and Farid
Fred Raillard and Farid Mokart are founders and CEOs of FF.

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