Inside Night After Night's Offices in NYC

A revamped space for a rebranded agency

We recently rebranded our agency—Phear Creative became Night After Night—and expanded and revamped our offices as well. Here's a look at the new space. 

Built-in shelving wall 

We had the built-in shelving added when we moved into the space. Its contents has changed many times over the years from Phear Creative to Night After Night. Built-ins serve as a real-life mood board for a company. A rotating summary of who we are, what we've achieved and things we're passionate about. 


Just like in a home, the kitchen is a gathering place. In ours, we have morning meetings to prepare for the day, lunch gatherings to recharge, and many conversations as a break from our screens and to be more creative away from them. It was important to us that this space wasn't an afterthought, and when we did the rebrand, we wanted it to reflect the tone and style of our company. 

Stencil wall

Night After Night isn't just a name; it's how we operate. We believe the days of blunt force and overproduced campaigns are over. "Always on" may be a buzzword of the day, but we are built to be out night after night after night after night to make sure our brand partners remain relevant, collecting content and staying in touch with rapid cycling cultural trends. We also embraced the slight imperfections of the spray stencil, rather than trying to make something that was overly produced. 

Studio and recording booth

We will always be a production company at heart. It is our production mentality that keeps us dreaming big for our clients. The answer is always "Yes, we can figure that out." In the always-on era of marketing, we need to produce high volume, quick turnaround content, reacting at the speed of culture. We need to be able to test ideas as well, and in hiring, we need to offer a space for the creative minds that fill our halls to create. I personally wouldn't take a creative workspace seriously that doesn't have a space dedicated to making stuff. 

NYC wallpaper

Companies like ours spend countless hours agonizing over tone of voice, personality, and look and feel exercises for our clients. We draw lines and define words a hundred different ways. It can get silly and exhausting, so we don't do it for ourselves. We are a New York agency, we are in the Haymarket Building, which still feels like old New York, and we make a New York spirits brand, made entirely in New York. 

Couch detail 

In this business—when we aren't on the road, or out at the bars, or out at a show—it is safe to say we often clock more hours in the office than at our homes. Your workspace needs to feel warm. It isn't a place where you punch in at 9, sit at your desk, and punch out at 5. You live a big chunk of your life there. You hang out with your best friends there. We have multiple communal spaces that deliver on the comforts of home without sacrificing style. 

Lastly, our bar

How could we call ourselves Night After Night if we didn't have a solid bar? 

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