Inside the Home and Work Offices of Sid Lee Paris Creative Directors Celine and Clement Mornet-Landa

The couple split their time between Paris and Montpellier

We are Celine and Clement Mornet-Landa, creative directors at Sid Lee Paris. Our workspace is a little bit special: We split our time between two towns. We work in Paris three days a week, and the rest of the time, at our house in Montpellier in the south of France. 

In Paris, we work in Sid Lee's new office in the 10th arrondissement, rue de Paradis. We moved here a few months ago to double the number of floors from two to four, since the agency has brought on so many new people in the past year. 

On the top floor, we share our office with Sylvain Thirache, Johan Delpuech, Stephane Soussan and Alex Pasini. It allows us to talk about the daily work and the agency's everyday life. 

In Montpellier, we work in our living room. We've set it up with all sorts of trinkets that inspire us. There are many paintings, an olive tree branch, a traditional battle shield and spear from Sete (a small town near Montpellier), some old Castrol's wooden boxes from Clement's grandfather, who worked in a gas station when he was young, and a lot of (too many) souvenirs of our 11 years together. We've also hung vintage magazine covers above our seats—Elle (which translates to she in English) and Lui (him), just to remind us where we sit.

We even have two custom-designed Lego figurines of ourselves! 

Working at home has its perks. It allows us to spend more time with our kids, and we're even on TV!

Whether working out of our home or in Paris, alongside kids or colleagues, we're constantly finding new ways to be inspired. And always being together gives us more time to bounce ideas off each other. Whether it comes to family life or work life, we're an unbeatable team!

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Celine and Clement Mornet-Landa
Celine and Clement Mornet-Landa are creative directors at Sid Lee Paris.

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