Inside Creative Studio LOBO's New York City Offices

Vivid colors of Brazil amid a host of inspiring objects

Helping to lead the charge as the creative director of LOBO New York, I wanted visitors fleeing the bustle of Chinatown to step into our studio and be transported to the technicolor universe of their dreams. With every surface covered in art, from peeking eyes to anthropomorphic characters to neon delights, we strive to extend our creativity and love of design and animation into every aspect of our workspace. 

Here is a look into a few of the statement pieces and office quirks that give our creative team the inspiration, energy and excitement to create vivid storytelling:

To motivate, every corner of our studio begs for a story. Where are the alien subway riders on our entrance-way sign headed? Whose hands are those, adorned with so many rings? By constantly questioning the curiosities of their world, our artists and creative leads can supply their own ideas, inventions and masterpieces.  

We make our São Paulo influences known, even thousands of miles away at our U.S. studio. The history of Brazilian animation is so storied and vibrant, we can't help but show off art collections, beautiful prints (#aesthetic) and our own work for LOBO clients and guests. While they relax or work, we want them to have the option to take a break for creative inspiration if the feelings so suit them.

Our desks are never far from one another, serving as modular hubs for sharing ideas, artwork and the occasional espresso or two (or 10). LOBO co-founder Mateus de Paula Santos sits strides away from studio artists (and across from EP Luis Ribeiro), always on hand for a fresh idea or unique solution to serve a brand client. 

We naturally gravitate toward packing our space with colorful, inspired decorative effects. Our prized plush collection of everyday brands (#It'sATidePillow) serve as a figurative reminder not to take the hard stuff too seriously and have a bit of fun. In keeping with the theme, we proudly preserve our best photo booth shots, an art all its own. 

We inspire our artists by injecting the unexpected everywhere they work, dotting pockets of our studio with knick-knacks and just-off-centerpieces to get everyone talking. Cute critters like these woodland models speak to our art style and remind us to stay children at heart. 

James Brown keeps the artists company with his signature cheerful grin aloft on a desk. We spruced up the bust with hair and shades to bring more of his natural spirit back into the bronze. 

Working with rectangular office space stretching from the front door, we took advantage of the ample open space (a New York rarity) for our artists and producers, and for for clients to stop by and collaborate on a project or stay for a cocktail. 

Artists are given proper desks and light (not always a given), and stay in close proximity to all company happenings. We keep creative decorations and design elements at hand for easy inspiration, along with headphones ... for when the animators get tired of our talking.

After we expanded to NYC from our Brazilian home, we wanted to carry along the same culture and vibrancy—and as a result, quality of work—we've always delivered in São Paulo, despite doubling our real estate and workload. As we grew, we knew our artists and their drive came first, so designing a space full of color, inspiration and vitality was always the top priority.

Fortunately, we're surrounded by a passionate team that internalizes the artistic legacy of our industry. They carry a mastery of animation into the future with top-tier creative advertising and film, stamping each project with their own personalities and quirks that clients love. 

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Guilhere Marcondes
Guilherme Marcondes is creative director at LOBO in New York.

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