Inside the Beachfront L.A. Offices of Shindig Music + Sound

A renovated space for both work and play

Shindig Music + Sound is an audio post facility located in a beachfront studio complex on the famed Jungle beach in Playa del Rey, a funky enclave on the west end of "Silicon Beach." 

Clients already experience a creative oasis at Shindig. A recent expansion, new amenities and upgraded offerings further set us apart from traditional music production houses, enabling our crew of sound artists and producers to offer the full suite of audio services for our clients—original composition, sound design, music supervision and licensing, a boutique music library, VO recording and final audio mix. 

With rooms professionally outfitted for sound playback, a sea-view balcony, a beachfront patio/event space and two main units that convert to living spaces for overnight stays, the Shindig sandbox is ideal for both work and play.

Our mixing capabilities have been amped up with a newly constructed 5.1 audio mix room and vocal booth that enable sound designer/mixer Daniel Hart to accommodate VO sessions and execute final mixes for clients in stereo and/or 5.1. As an additional part of the expansion, Shindig also recently completed the build-out of a new production/green room (also with an ocean view). 

This is our second-story work/playback lounge with a kitchen, and it's effectively the central hub of our beach compound. We have our daily meetings here, run playback sessions on the entertainment center and use it for entertaining guests. The west end opens to the awesome balcony captured in the photo below. 

Our main unit features a second-floor beachfront balcony. It works well for entertaining, and we have had events where bands and DJs have performed to a crowd below. The balcony seating area is great for a sunset drink or cannabis burn—hey, its legal now! The space also features a bedroom for overnight stays, and we've had approximately 20 client guests spend the night—many from out of town, but also some from other areas of L.A. who want to enjoy a weekend at the beach. 

Below the balcony is our first-floor beachfront patio/event space. We've used it for all kinds of events, ranging from wine and mezcal tastings to premium catered sushi lunches to all all-out parties featuring an open bar, flame-grilled taco truck, live music and party bus shuttle service. 

The patio features a tiki bar, fireplace, grills, chaise lounges, a Sonos sound system and an outdoor dining setup with space heaters. We also have a comprehensive setup for expanding the party onto the beach for clients/guests, including canopies, beach chairs, cornhole sets, tables, benches, a sound system and the public volleyball courts right out front. This makes for great fun for parties, big or small. It also makes for an awesome work experience where clients enjoy a morning or afternoon on the beach while our mixer/sound designer Dan tees up audio mixes for review. 

This is our newly acquired and renovated audio mix room with VO booth—part of our 2018 expansion, completed in Q4. It has a professional audio mix setup with 5.1 mix capabilities. The vocal booth and professional sound treatment was installed by the same company that treated Capitol Records' studios. The room is optimized for vocal recordings, instrumental overdubs and for playback sessions to review music, sound design and audio mixes. 

This is our newly acquired and renovated third-floor production lounge/green room that sits above the mix room with the VO booth. It is also part of our 2018 expansion. It serves as a meeting/production room and converts to a living space for overnight stays. There is a kitchen and entertainment system. In addition to the direct ocean view from the windows, there is also a widow's walk side balcony.

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Scott Glenn is creative director and partner at Shindig Music + Sound.

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