Rainier Brings the Great Outdoors Indoors in 'Hibeernation' Ads

Plus, giant cans practice social distancing

Rainier Beer's giant cans and bottles are famous for frolicking in the great outdoors.

OK, "famous" might be a slight exaggeration, but the kooky containers with human legs are known for their anthropomorphic antics in commercials shot along the piney trails and sunny thoroughfares of the Pacific Northwest.

Creative agency DNA was preparing a fresh campaign in this vein when the coronavirus lockdowns began. So, the agency and its production arm Petting Zoo pivoted, trading nature themes for inside moves and repurposing content to create a timely "Hibeernation Survival Guide."

Oh, those big-ass cans still romp in the fresh air and sunshine. But they practice social distancing, too:

"We didn't want to go dark," DNA executive creative director Steve Williams tells Muse. "We knew from Kantar research that companies that kept building their brand during the 2008 economic crisis recovered nine times faster. So, our goal of getting people into the outdoors became, 'Help people stay connected to the outdoors from their living room.' "

Along with the :15 above, shot last year and updated with Covid-era copy, agency staffers contributed quirky clips of themselves enjoying some prod at home. Remember, when you kayak down the stairs, always wear a helmet:

At least that inner-tube dude didn't actually flood his basement. Yet.

Fans are invited to post their own at-home beer-y content using the hashtag #Hibeernation.

Those seeking a more tranquil experience might enjoy the six-minute "meditation" below—a "guided hike through the mountain of your mind."

"Mindfulness and meditation content has been helpful lately for good reason, so we decided to offer up our take on it," Williams says. "It's tongue-in-cheek for sure, but strangely quite relaxing when you listen to it. We wrote and produced it ourselves in a matter of days, with our agency editor [Sean McGrath] serving as both voice talent and sound designer."

This frothy tweak of brand themes—reminiscent of Burger King and Jeep's repurposing of canned footage (in form if not substance)—also includes lists of Northwest-themed movies, books and music for home consumption…

…and canny Zoom backgrounds:

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