Claire Yuan Zhuang

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New York • Graphic Designer


One-sentence bio

I'm a graphic designer helping brands to be up to date with interaction design.

Creative philosophy or approach

“Give it a shot” is my all-time attitude. I’ve been to three different colleges and been a freshman three times. I never give up and always want to keep my partners supported by constantly looking for the most effective solution for the team.

Recent work I’m proud of

It is the only campaign that I've ever worked on so far. It was a spec work. I switched to design major after being in advertising for three years because I found I love working as a designer and help brands to be more innovative and up to date with interaction design. I worked in the group as a unit production manager which helped me to earn experience to think about people's needs and thought and how to communicate with them effectively.

Link to campaign:

Yuan Zhuang recent work

Recent work I admired

Google Pixel 3 Top Shot resonates us by simply showing us moments that everyone wished to have good shots from but the photos didn't catch the best moment to promote its live photo feature. Google's campaign always impresses us by showing moments from daily life which is a brilliant way to catch our attention.

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