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New York City • Copywriter



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An observant nerd writing stories while gorging ice cream.

Creative philosophy or approach

The world belongs to the curious ones, and I believe I am one of them. I find stories around me, dissect them, listen intuitively, understand behavior, and read into the details to formulate a strategy or come up with ideas which are grounded in human truths. Once I have it, it's all about writing and rewriting, designing and redesigning, editing and re-editing until it is perfect.

Recent work I'm proud of

I worked on a spec campaign for Spotify called "Spotify Match." In USA alone there are 15 million cars that hit the road each day amounting to 1/3rd of the country's pollution. America's carpooling number has only gone down since the '70s. Strangers find it tough to find car-buddies and are afraid of the awkwardness in a car. Spotify Match integrates with Google Maps to find people who follow similar routes and matches them with each other based on their music tastes.

Link to campaign: https://www.yashashreesamant.com/spotifymatch

Yashashree Samant recent work

Recent work I admired

I absolutely love the "Life needs truth" campaign for The New York Times made by Droga5 and Kim Gehrig. It is a rather simple idea, taking headlines from the last six months and then it is all craft. The writing is surreal, the choice of music and visuals are striking yet easy on the eyes. Each element complements the other and makes the end-user keep watching the film on a loop. A feat only some can achieve with ad films.

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