Xochitl Orozco

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Los Angeles • Junior Art Director



One-sentence bio

I'm a hard working creative who knows a little about everything, with a lot of heart and hungry for opportunity.

Creative philosophy or approach

With every project, I do the research so that my ideas are backed with relevance and experiences beyond my own. I talk about my idea to people from different cultures, backgrounds, ages, occupations, gender identifications as I work through the concept because nothing in created in a vacuum.

Recent work I’m proud of

As a recent grad from portfolio school, I worked on spec work for Timberlands. The shoe became popular in the 90s by rappers from New York and most customers are people of color, yet all the Timberland ads show white people and focus on hiking. My copywriter and I wanted to bridge that gap and make the ads we wanted to see for such an iconic brand.

Link to campaign: https://theonewiththex.com/timberlands

Xochitl Orozco recent work

Recent work I admired

I admired the OkCupid "DTF" campaign because it was big and bold. It took a cultural saying and completely repackaged it so that it reflected something else entirely. I enjoy campaigns that take risks and play with culture hacking.

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Featured Clio Award Winner



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