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New York • Art Director



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According to The One Show Young Ones, I'm the world's No. 8 creative. According to Spotify, I'm Britney's No. 1 fan.

Creative philosophy or approach

I’m part of a generation that understands that in today’s world profit isn’t measured by the number of zeros in your bank account but by the positive impact you make in the world. That’s the type of advertising aim to make. Through creativity, building a better world can be fun.

Recent work I’m proud of

One of the campaigns I’m more proud of is Wellnex for Durex. It won Merit at the Young Ones ADC 2020. Millennials are having less sex than previous generations and when they do have sex, fewer of them use protection. We wanted to encourage them to have safe sex. How? Since millennials are more concerned than ever about being in shape, we decided to create Wellnex, the first calorie-burning sex app. Through Wellnex you can design a personalized and guided training plan to get in shape by having safe sex. Cause safe sex is the most pleasant form of exercise.

Link to campaign: https://www.xaviocana.com/durex-wellnex-2020

Xavi Ocana recent work

Recent work I admired

Title: Crocodile Free
Client: Lacoste
Agency: BETC

On the International Day of Biodiversity, the Lacoste crocodile gave its place to 10 endangered species, in 10 stores around the world as well as on the brand’s media and social platforms. All profits from the day were donated to IUCN. I love this campaign because it’s a great example of how advertising can have a real positive impact on the world and because it made total sense for a brand that has build its empire around the figure of an animal to give back by protecting other animals.

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