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Pittsburgh (but open to new scenes) • Creative Specialist/Copywriter


One-sentence bio

I am wordsmithing Elastigirl who dabbles in design and is never looking back after stumbling into digital marketing.

Creative philosophy or approach

Elbow grease comes in a lot of forms, and everything could use more of it. Sometimes it's more research. Sometimes it's designing your ass off. Sometimes it's giving yourself wrinkles between your eyebrows one day to give clients smile lines the next.

Recent work I’m proud of

Part of the ongoing self-promotion for my last company involved a physical display. This included multiple materials and dimensional aspects, but the part I am most proud of: the illustrated posters. I created the messaging and design that celebrates print in Pittsburgh.

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Victoria Kelly recent work

Recent work I admired

I adore Oglivy Chicago's "Chicago Design System." Just look at it!

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Featured Clio Award Winner



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