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Brooklyn, N.Y. • Creative Director


One-sentence bio

Hands on creative leader making work that resonates in culture.

Creative philosophy or approach

I believe great work comes from tapping into human truths and connecting with culture. It's through this belief that I approach all creative projects by listening first and then making something of value for wherever the project will be shared. My passions lie in leading diverse teams and providing platforms for fresh talent. Most of all, I believe working with good people leads to great work.

Recent work I’m proud of

Project Healthy Minds, a non-profit mental health start up specifically targeting young people. The goal is to become the leading resource for young people suffering from mental health issues and refer them to tools and experts who can help them. Separately I'm also proud of the promotional campaign for Samsung's fitness app in collaboration with Diplo. We created a mobile site to drop his exclusive mix that would only play while you're moving your phone.

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Trevor Eld recent work

Recent work I admired

Nike Kaepernick. Backing a controversial personality for their beliefs at the risk of losing huge amounts of revenue not only is uncommon, but requires uncommon courage. It was refreshing to see such brave, authentically driven work from such a huge brand with that amount of exposure.

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