Tom Morhous


Los Angeles


One-sentence bio

I'm a LA-based creative director on a quest for truth.

Creative philosophy or approach

My aim is truth. I want to fill the world with work that feels true and authentic, even as it surprises and delights. This seems more appropriate now than ever before.

Recent work I'm proud of

Working with my friends at New Orleans ad agency Peter Mayer, I concepted a campaign for the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral in Florida. Rather than compare the facility to other Orlando-area attractions (as had been done in years past), we leaned into culture's fixation on their devices to remind people of the Kennedy Space Center's central, and continuing, role in American technology, science, and space exploration. Put down your phone, and look up!

Recent work I admired

Doner's 'When the Motor Stops' video in response to the pandemic, while not selling anything in particular, was a particular moving (and authentic) tribute to the resilience and determination of the Motor City and its people.

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