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New York • Executive Creative Director



One-sentence bio

I wear many hats. I'm a husband, dad, creative director, musician, leatherworker, magician and a fixed gear enthusiast!

Creative philosophy or approach

I believe ideas come from everywhere and anytime. I like to give my teams the space to ideate. There are no wrong answers in the first stages of ideation. Go crazy and dream big!

Recent work I’m proud of

In a world where every brand was doing Covid-19 TV spots using stock footage, we helped our clients produce a tv spot that was original, still sent a message of empathy, but it wasn't self serving. And all the footage was shot remotely and safely. Everyone was on zoom and it was a big success!

Link to campaign: https://youtu.be/x0mrk-53v1E

Tiago Veiga recent work

Recent work I admired

Budweiser's "Whassup" Covid edition commercial. It's my favorite commercial and campaign of all time. I so badly wish I had come up with it! The best.

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