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Venice, Los Angeles • Director


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Freelance commercial director looking to breakthrough on through to the other side.

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What would Jean-Pierre Melville do?

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I wanted to make something poignant for Memorial Day to honor our fallen soldiers and the families that live on without them. I knew that U-Haul has close ties to the armed forces and is one of the founding sponsors of the Memorial Day Parade in Washington D.C. Through a family connection, I got put in touch with the marketing department at U-Haul and pitched this idea to them explaining that all I was looking for from them was a promise that they would watch the spot once it was completed, and if they liked it to release it. Although it was a big departure from their typical creative, they agreed and we shot the weekend before Memorial Day, three days in and around Los Angeles. After delivery they were impressed, and true to their word, released the spot through their social media channels.

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Recent work I admired

I find myself going back to the film ED McCulloch directed for Wrangler "Long Live Cowboys". I think he plays all the right notes from a craft perspective and uses them to get you emotionally invested in the hero from the jump. It's the total package for me.

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