Step Schultz

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Brooklyn • Senior Copywriter


One-sentence bio

A try-hard who probably tries too hard.

Creative philosophy or approach

I like to make things that people like outside of the industry. Advertising for people, not advertisers. My main metric for creative work is, "will my mom like this?"

Recent work I’m proud of

Me and my partner, Alyssa Fishman, just recently worked on a campaign for the NFL called Super Tweets. We took people's real tweets, turned them into real confetti, and loaded them into real cannons to go off at the Super Bowl.

Link to campaign:

Step Schultz recent work

Recent work I admired

I know it's not recent, but the Harvey Nichols "I spent it on myself" campaign is still one of my favorite things. It was just so honest and relatable and mean spirited all at the same time and I loved it.

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