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Miami/Hamburg • Art Director


One-sentence bio

Aspiring Hot Wheels racer. Also art director. I started with writing comics, then doing graffiti, then graphic design and combined it all to be an art director. I’m a simple man, I keep my humor dark and my work colorful.

Creative philosophy or approach

Trust people. The best part of this industry is how collaborative it is. Keep trying to surprise yourself. It's good to sometimes forget you're making ads. Look at memes.

Recent work I’m proud of

One of my favorite campaigns which I'm proud of is when we expose the hidden unconscious bias in advertising by developing a unique captcha on LinkedIn.

Link to campaign:

Shadab Wajih recent work

Recent work I admired

Samsung did a crazy little spot with Ryan Reynolds recently which was an ad basically for a movie, a drink and a TV. Three brands advertised in 42 seconds!

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Featured Clio Award Winner



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