Sean M. Mosher-Smith


New York


One-sentence bio

Creative director with vast experience in design and campaigns for entertainment, luxury, fashion, and tech brands.

Creative philosophy or approach

I work with clients to define their creative needs through discussions and my own experiences developing creative campaigns. I work more as an extension of the clients company and partner with them to come up with creative solutions, even if they turn out to be something different than the project originally called for. My job is to come up with award winning creative on brand and on strategy.

Recent work I'm proud of

I worked with my partners to develop the brand identity, style guide and the physical manifestation of a Krav Maga gym in NYC. The brief was to think unique, strong, vibrant, and energetic. We wanted the brand to evoke power and purpose.

Recent work I admired

Adidas Colour Missions Campaign. A perfect blend of pop, design candy, messaging and product with a lot of "legs."

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Featured Clio Award Winner



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