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Los Angeles • Art Director / Graphic Designer / Production Artist


One-sentence bio

Cutting Edge Design for the Entire Known Universe ... and beyond.

Creative philosophy or approach

I provide professional, cutting-edge design services to a diverse base of clients in a wide range of industries. Design that makes heads turn, bodies move and puts people in the seats—with a minimum of collateral damage, and a maximum of creative success.

Recent work I’m proud of

Movie poster for the independent movie, 'The Beautiful Lost' - no direction really, just a spontaneous, stream of consciousness approach to design. I'd say it practically designed itself, but then not only would I not get any credit but I wouldn't be able to look myself in the eye for at least a week.

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Scott Mosher recent work

Recent work I admired

Dr Pepper. I'm not only an avid enthusiast of the drink, but of their marketing campaigns as well. Modern, irreverent, humorous, bold, refreshing. ;)

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Featured Clio Award Winner



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