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Mumbai • Creative Director


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A creative person with an interest in all walks of life.

Creative philosophy or approach

Creativity should be natural and come from your heart. Once seen it makes you want to love it, own it. Once loved it makes you want to let go of it, grow from it. Understanding how, without judging why. Curiosity over sanity, bending rules over breaking them. Creativity is all around, in the living and the non. Just like the universe within us and we within it!

Recent work I’m proud of

I created a web based typing test game for a car brand, more than creativity there were challenges. The format limited it from happening what it should have been. But I managed to get it right, where there was equal amount of creativity, client's approval, tech support. At the end it was a game which many people enjoyed. That final result is what I am proud.

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Sanket Misal recent work

Recent work I admired

Nike's half and half video of teams from various games from all over the world. In fact, I admire all Nike campaigns. They don't sell products, they show you dreams, they celebrate athletes. Before all brands started supporting all Black Lives Matter, Nike went out first irrespective of whether it would damage their image or not. I admire campaigns which bring about change.

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