Sam Pezzullo


New York


One-sentence bio

Content producer and strategist specializing in viral videos and branded storytelling.

Creative philosophy or approach

Have a distinct point of view and trust that to guide you in the creative process, but welcome collaboration with others. As soon as you think you have the idea worth pitching, sit with it for another 48 hours and then improve.

Recent work I'm proud of

Don't have a recent campaign to share but have some famous ones from 2012-2018. Hoping to find more work creating content. Most recently proud of what I programmed for Tribeca Film Festival and how we've adapted during COVID to support the creators.

Recent work I admired

Loving the environmental work coming out of Grey London for Volvo. "The Birdman" and "Unseen Ocean" specifically. Beautiful, cinematic, story driven short films that raise awareness for crucial causes without feeling like ads or PSA's.

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Featured Clio Award Winner



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