Rylee Pride

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Denver/Boulder, Colo.



One-sentence bio

Media design and production intern with experience in digital & live event marketing as well as social media management.

Creative philosophy or approach

I believe in bringing my unique perspective about trends, memes & pop culture into my design aesthetic. I have experience working in marketing for music festivals & live event marketing. I am currently looking for an internship to help strengthen by design skills & utilize my gen-Z perspective.

Recent work I’m proud of

I recently was apart of marketing, designing & organizing the Stayin’ Alive Stream which brought over 50k views as well as raised money through donations for artist relief. I assisted in graphic design as well as outreach to media outlets & musicians.

Link to campaign: https://www.facebook.com/743124732532298/posts/1425937634251001/?d=n

Rylee Pride recent work

Recent work I admired

I really admire Erykah Badu’s recent live stream experience. She allowed her fans to interact with her and even move around her house. The whole thing was very personal & super interesting to me. I love seeing how people are pushing the boundaries of digital connection with fans during this time.

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