Ryan Chiasson

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Toronto • Associate Creative Director/Copywriter



One-sentence bio

Ryan has won some awards but knows that awards aren't everything.

Creative philosophy or approach

My approach is not having a set approach. It's about finding the right solution at the right time that works for a long time.

Recent work I’m proud of

Lolli: The Exhibit Nobody Wants To Talk About helped empower survivors of child sex abuse. We gave survivors a voice and brought attention to a global problem that nobody wants to talk about. This led to recognition at D&AD, One Show, ADC and more.

Link to campaign: https://www.ryanchiasson.com/lolli

Ryan Chiasson recent work

Recent work I admired

The Tampon Book is the best campaign from the past few years. This could have been a soft piano driven online video, but the use of an non-traditional medium is perfect. It didn't just raise awareness, it drove meaningful action.

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